about me

I'm a passionate developer from Amsterdam mostly working for big corporations such as Accenture, Achmea, Binck bank etc.

My focus is on delivering working software of high quality by using the latest technologies and management techniques such as SCRUM, Test Driven Development and Continuous Delivery. I have succesfully transformed many legacy bureaucratic and error prone releases into lean and reliable software delivery machinery that produces predictable, on time.

Every year I spend about a month or two working freelance to offer my services to various smaller companies to help them improve their practice or just to create or fix a product in a very short amount of time. I enjoy that time very much as I feel it is extremely awarding to inspire and enable a team with practices that "just" work. I'm currently not open for job offers as I'm happy where I am.

In 2013 I will make a transition into fully javascript development after so many years working in c#. The Microsoft stack has been quite rewarding to me and my clients but I have become very curious about node, client side mvc and functional programming. As such I feel the time has come to move away from .Net and embrace the thriving javascript ecosystem.