• client side mvc rocks

    Today I had to refactor quite a bit of code in the viewmodel of my page. Now our viewmodels contain all the logic to the page and are only connected to the view using markers such as data-bind=” … more

  • 2013

    This year will be a transitioning year for me. I will most certainly switch to server side javascript programming having been exposed to Angular and node.js. I have become a bit bored with .Net … more

must have

resharper, webapi, asp.net mvc, testdriven.net, nunit, nuget, teamcity, sumblimetext2, dependency injection

macbook pro retina :) sublimetext2, livereload, testaculous, angular, require.js, mongodb



continuous improvement, scrum, tdd, bdd, pair programming, continuous delivery

keeping fit

long distance running, hockey, squash, fitness
meditation, bikram yoga
working through my 1000 books list